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Helping Professional and Executive Women at a Threshold to Rise
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You are a professional or executive woman with heart. You are intelligent and conscientious, with an unfulfilled desire for ‘more’.

You are open and ready to discover a new, nourishingly powerful style of leadership… to lead yourself, your team and your family.

Yet something is missing. And you are ready to do something about it. You may have one or more of these unwanted experiences in any moment:

– being ‘stuck’ and feeling held back

– procrastination

– work/life imbalance

– overwhelm or stress, heading for burnout

– conflict in yourself and/or with others

– unexplained boredom or restlessness

– difficult relationships at home or at work

– strained finances

– unexpressed potential or underperforming

With my intuition-based coaching, I help you to change this. I support you to step up and choose YOU, so that you can be true to your heart’s calling and create everything you long for, without compromise or sacrifice.

And the best bit is, everyone around you benefits too!

It’s all in you.  Sometimes all you need is a little helping hand.

If there’s one thing you should know, it’s this:


YOU hold the key to your experience of life.


It’s ALL in you!

“What are the barriers to women achieving senior positions in organisations?

Stereotype threat can inform the way in which those women who do break through the glass ceiling behave. This phenomenon reinforces the male-dominated norms which influence perceptions about what it takes to be successful.

It involves women ‘aping’ male behavioural traits to be seen to be performing well and delivering results, rather than achieving them in a way that is more natural to them. It involves a denial of identity in order to fit in and be accepted by the dominant in-group.

Women in more junior positions who see women behaving like this often do not aspire to be like them because they want to be ‘themselves’, as opposed to a male clone.

Some successful senior level women can also be seen by their more junior contemporaries as ‘queen bees’, who draw up the drawbridge rather than helping and mentoring female talent to follow in their success.

An absence of the right kind of role models can encourage women to deselect themselves from making a journey to top roles and fail to inspire them to aspire to reach for the top. Role models are important, but they must be authentic”


Why are there so few women at the top? Submission to the Women and Equalities Select Committee (2016)

I was feeling quite stressed and insecure at work and aware of the need to perform better but unclear how to go about raising my game. The firm was making redundancies and I was often receiving criticism on file audit and review.  

After receiving coaching from Kim I am working more productively and obtaining consistently good feedback on file audit and review.  I have escaped from a vicious circle of burning the candle at both ends in order to comply with time limits, working sluggishly due to exhaustion, having to work even longer hours, and so on.  

I would unhesitatingly recommend Kim to others, especially those who have difficult work issues to address.  I was most impressed by her commitment to helping me achieve my objectives, not seeking to impose on me her own ideas of what I might try to achieve

– Richard, a solicitor with more than 20 years’ experience –

I was feeling frustrated, anxious and tense in the process of making a career change, which was a big thing for me. I met Kim after making a few unsuccessful applications. My morale was at a low ebb and I felt tied up in knots.

The more Kim and I worked together the more I realised that the knots I had tied had started to unwind effortlessly. I liked Kim’s calm gentle manner. I had the space to be open without judgement in a safe and productive environment.

I have gained clarity and a new perspective from receiving coaching with Kim. My experience of coaching with Kim has been invaluable. I have already recommended Kim to others. Priceless.

– Ms S Jones, lawyer, London –

I was at a low ebb career wise – feeling pulled back in the direction of my 20 year legal career simply for no other reason than ‘that is what I did and had been trained to do’, and because it paid well of course.  

Kim has been instrumental in helping me gain greater clarity around my options.  I have made a significant breakthrough and now run a thriving and expanding business which utilises both my legal skills and a whole lot more.  It brings everything I love together in a job!  

I would wholeheartedly recommend Kim to anyone who is at a career crossroads or to anyone wanting to explore their potential and life values.

– Caroline, Solicitor, Switzerland –

I was feeling utterly frustrated with my current work situation because of issues relating to my working environment and my boss! As a result of this I wanted to leave but I felt sick at the thought of even applying for similar jobs outside of the organisation, because I felt sick of my industry! 

As Kim worked with me I found that I do not actually hate my current profession after all and I am grateful for the further opportunities it has given me. Very soon afterwards, I was offered an exciting opportunity! 

Coaching with Kim is invaluable, it really helped me to break through and open myself up more. I would recommend Kim to other professionals who are fed up at work. Kim is inspirational, motivational, amazing! 

 – Zahra Shah, Communications professional, London – 

Working with Kim is worth every penny plus more. I was frustrated because my work as a solicitor was, for me, unfulfilling, lacking stimulation and not purposeful and this was starting to affect all parts of my life.

I have now changed my role, which has led to an increase in my salary. And I have moved from a place of uncertainty to having made significant decisions about my future career.

I would highly recommend Kim not just to lawyers, but to any professional who feels what I describe as an ‘emptiness’ which is causing a level of unhappiness.

– Sanjeev Punj, Solicitor/Director, Birmingham –

For the last 4 years I have been feeling daily as if I am ‘going against the tide’ because I wasn’t enjoying work. I really look forward to our sessions as it gives me a platform to discuss the challenges and breakthroughs that I have been experiencing while starting out on my new direction.

As Kim worked with me, I feel a support system behind me, and I am more confident and secure about ‘this moment’. I have even got a job offer but I realised it was not right for me and I had the confidence to happily turn it down even in this economic climate.

Coaching with Kim is well worth the money and I would certainly recommend Kim to others who are going through a career transition!

– Kayla Conley, former Finance officer, Chelmsford, Essex –

In working with Kim over the last few months, I have made significant developments towards achieving my goals.

Being coached has helped to bring my priorities into sharper focus, to provide me with a route map by which I can achieve these, and has enabled me to find effective solutions much more quickly than I could have done by myself.

It’s been really useful to have someone else hold me to account, both in the sessions and between them so that I deliver on the actions I’ve committed to.

– Simon Shaw, Occupational Psychologist –

I was feeling in a state of some turmoil, because I had too many ideas whirring round in my head. As a result, I was lacking cohesiveness and I was looking to pull it all together and make sense of everything.

Kim helped me put things into perspective and focus on what I needed to do. As Kim worked with me, I gained greater clarity in my own mind as to both my thoughts and my objectives for my present and future direction. The coaching itself was a launching pad for further work done by me in between sessions.

It has been very useful to have taken time out and given attention to the things we discussed, as I would probably otherwise have kept those things on a back burner and nothing would have changed.

– Andrew, Solicitor, Essex –

Talking to you this morning has switched on a light inside me that’s been off for a while now. For a long time I haven’t felt this calm, thank you for reminding me, it means so much.

Your light shines very brightly Kim and it has a way of touching that’s beyond understanding I feel.

– Alison Ford, former NHS Development Coordinator –

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